Wednesday, March 31, 2010

IPL 2010 – Day 20

IPL 2010 – Day 20

What a fantastic win by MI yesterday. Even though Sachin got out early, the youngsters proved why the MI is No.1 in this IPL season.
It was a tight finish. Till 18th over both team had equal chance but 19th over by Bopara was costly and good enough to ease pressure off MI. Timely Sixers by Bravo and Tiwari and well executed Fours by Sathish ensured MI won the match with 3 balls to spare.
Mahela also did a wonderful captaincy through out the innings. Better Luck next time KXIP.

Today there are 2 matches to be played. Almost 2nd round started.

CSK vs. RCB. They meet 2nd time today and RCB won the 1st.
Dhoni still struggles to find out a winning combination. Keep on failing in both Batting and bowling. Chennai local players are not yet up to mark, RCB is in dilemma whether to include KP or not. They will also think about change in team after lose against DD in last match, I expect RCB to win this match and would like to see if the Orange cap returns to Kallis. (Of course he will as it’s his 7th match).

DD vs. RR They also meet 2nd time today and DD won the 1st.
I expect the repeat again as DD wants the hat-trick win after 2 losses and Law of Averages will be against RR.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

IPL 2010 - Day 19

IPL 2010 - Day 19
நேற்று வார்னரின் அதிரடி சதத்தால் டெல்லி ஈஸியா ஜெயிச்சிடிச்சு. மொத்தம் நடந்து முடிஞ்ச 25 மேட்சுல வெறும் 2 சதம் கொஞ்சம் கம்மிதான்.

இன்னைக்கு மேட்ச் பத்தி சொல்ல என்ன இருக்கு.

சச்சின் இன்னொரு 50 இல்ல 100 அடிச்சு கல்லீஸ முந்தனும். அப்படியே ரொம்ப நாள் கழிச்சு ப்ரெட் லீயை நொறுக்குறதயும் பாக்கணும். முதல்ல செமி-பைனல் போறது நம்ம டீம்தான்(MI)

Monday, March 29, 2010

தமிழிலும் பதிவுகள்

தமிழிலும் பதிவுகள் எழுதலாமென்று  நினைக்கிறேன்.
தினமும் இல்லையென்றாலும் அவ்வப்போது எழுதுவேன்.

IPL 2010 – Day 18

IPL 2010 – Day 18

Albie Morkel’s heroic is not just enough to erase CSK’s defeat.
Can Dhoni send him up the order in next matches?
My friend asked “Can CSK reach 8th position at least!!!”

What a mach by MI especially Harbajan!
I had even though of the 130 runs target when Sachin got out in 17th over.
Bajji totally turned around by smashing hits. Sad that he missed the very last ball, otherwise it could have been a marvelous fifty.
Thanks to smart captaincy by Sachin bajji also removed Gilli in his second ball.
Brilliant catch by Sachin at slip. Even Gibbs, Symonds and Rohith could not help to reach the target. Clinical performance by the MI bowlers.
Sachin now has 303 runs in 6 innings with 3 consecutive fifties and he is just trail by 7 runs of kallis to be at the top of most runs list.

Today’s match DD vs. KKR. The winning team will make into the top 4 with 8 points.
I think DD has the edge over KKR. Expecting a cracking innings from Sehwag tonight.
Points Table
Most Runs

Sunday, March 28, 2010

IPL 2010 - Day 17

IPL 2010 - Day 17.
Good to see Dada is back on winning track. KKR still still have good chance to reach semis.
Today's match is the toughest one RR again CSK.
CSK will try hard not to lose 4th consecutive match however
RR will be happy to continue their winning march after their re-group.
My prediction is RR will win.

For the 2nd match, MI will continue to dominate. Good to see Sachin thrashing all the bowlers. DC is going to face their 3rd loss.
I do feel that Sachin should get some rest after winning 2 more matches comfortably and assuring the semis.
So he can come fresh to the semi finals.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

IPL 2010 - Day 16

very sad that my predictions continue to fail :-) Its ok.

Today Dada & CG will fire back against KXIP to give KKR 3rd win. Lets see.

Friday, March 26, 2010

IPL 2010 - Day 15

IPL 2010 - Day 15.

Once again my prediction didn't work yesterday.

May be law of averages did the trick against RCB. Good to see DD back in track. Strange that their bowlers pulled the victory for them though their main strength is batting.

What to say about MI match. Wonder Sachin hits his 1st six only in 5th match and after scoring 200+ runs. More to come...

Today’s match, both Australian captains meeting for the 1st time in IPL3

Interesting to see how Gilly & Symonds face Warne.

Though RR won their last 2 games after loosing 1st three don't forget DC lost only one match till.

I expect DC to win this encounter. Though he didn't excel yet I still rate RP Singh as best T20 bowler and expect he'll come up good in the rest of the matches.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

IPL 2010 - Day 14

Once again KXIP's middle order batsmen displayed worst performance and turn out the match which could have been easily won by them on looking the start they got. However lets not forget RR's good bowling at later part of the innings.
for today's matche RCB vs DD at Bangaluru  I think DD lost its touch with many of the batting strength dipped suddenly, and Jumbo won't like to give up the winning march. With their balance strengh both in batting & bowling RCB can easily win.
I have no comment about MI vs CSK match except the expectation of some big hits from Sachin's bat this time against CSK's bowlers.... Go on Sachin .... MI rules IPL3

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

IPL 2010 - Day 13

As I said already, seems CSK lost its enthusiasm. Only +ive is Murali bowling well & taking wickets.
Local lads should pull up their socks to repeat the previous seasons performance.
Todays match KXIP vs RR.
Brother meets brother not the 1st time though but 1st in this IPL3.
with YU back in form & expecting Lee's return KXIP has edge over RR.
Lets see today if RR can repeat their smartness like did against KKR few days back.
My pick of the team today is KXIP.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

IPL 2010 - Day 12

Thanks to superb knock by SRT MI won their 3rd match yesterday. I expect a century from him soon.
I should mention Dada'a great catch also.
As for as today's match concern I don't think CSK can stop RCB's winning march.
Just curious to see who is going to take Kallis' wicket.
SAHARA expressed its interest to make SRT as captain of its team.
He won't accept the offer I believe. Lets see what he says..

Monday, March 22, 2010

IPL 2010 - Day 11

IPL 2010 -  Day 11
Well my prediction went wrong for both matches yesterday :-(
Symonds (DC) simply snatched the victory from DD (& DK offcourse) who looked well till the 19th over.
and the 2nd match saw the 1st super over in IPL3.
I would say such a worst display by CSK who were unable to chase a simple 136.
what a brilliant comback by KXIP and Yuvi after 3 failures on the row. But still a long way to go..
Today again I expect Thalai (SRT) to rock and continue the MI's winning sreak to be at the top of the points table.
would love to see SRT & Ganguly batting in the opposition..

Sunday, March 21, 2010

IPL 2010 - Day 10

IPL3 reached 10th day...
Kallis continues his great form... wonder when will he get out of the 1st time..
so sad that MI batsmen failed yesterday :-(( Hope they'll continue to do well in the next matches..
Today DC vs DD. I thing DD will fight firmly to avoid their hat-trick loss. expect some good hits from sehwag this evening.
2nd match CSK vs KXIP. I don't think KXIP will kick start their count today..
CSK is boosted with hayden great come back .. & more over i'm not going to chepauk today so they will win.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

IPL 2010 - Day 9

Yesterday  my  prediction worked only half.
Today I thought RR will face its 4th defeat but they Won against KKR.
MI batsmen failed today scored only 151.
Lets see who will get  kallis wicket 1st in this IPL3.
I still hope MI will win  despite RC chase  now 20+ in 4th over...
see you tomorrow guys..

Friday, March 19, 2010

IPL 2010 - Day 8

Good to see PK's hat-trick along with my hat-trick predictions :-)
I don't see if RR will come back ..
For today's matches its a tough choice for me to predict who will lose in fact.
DD vs CSK both team will play with their standby captains..
I expect DD to thrash CSK as DD want to come back from their defeat in home against MI.
KXIP vs DC.Both teams meet in a neutral venue and I predict KXIP will go for a hat-trick loss
and keep company to RR

Thursday, March 18, 2010

IPL 2010 - Day 7

Thanks to thala’s superb knock and the bowlers’ clinical performance MI thrashed DD by 98 runs.
Really a huge win.

Today, I expect RR to face hat-trick defeat. RC is in good batting form

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

IPL 2010 - Day 6

Well.. Yesterday my prediction worked 50-50 or should I say 10-10 as It is IPL T20 :-))
It seems Law of Average caused KKR's loss. Still I don't think Dhoni is a good captain. Remember He said their strength is batting after winning the toss but only their bowlers win the match.
For Today's match I expect MI will show their all round performance to win the game against DD.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

IPL 2010 - Day 5

My prediction worked again yesterday.
For todays match (KKR vs CSK)I think Gaguly will taste hat-trick victory.
(RC vs KXIP)Kumble will win though his team is expected to chase more than 160.
A Simple Man

Monday, March 15, 2010

IPL 2010 - Day 4

well.. my prediction went wrong for yesterday's matches :-(
Today I expect DD to win against RR.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

IPL 2010 -Day 3

Once again my prediction worked well due to Gambhir's composed innings.
Today again 2 matches to be played.
My predictions for the 1st match
KKR vs RC ... RC will win (Kumble is one of my favourite bowler)
2nd match : CSK vs DC (though I don't like CSK team for its captain, my prediction for the day is CSK will win)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

ஐ பி எல் 2010 - Day 2

2nd Day..
My prediction worked yesterday.
Neverthless to say today my team (MI) already won despite Yusuf pathan's quick fire 100.

Even though It is already started, for 2nd match My prediction is DD.
Lets see.

Friday, March 12, 2010

ஐ பி எல் 2010 - Day 1

IPL-3 is started.
1st match KKR vs DC

My Prediction for Today's match is KKR.

My Prediction for the championship is Mumbai Indians